Full Professor of Economics and Finance

BS, Universidad del País Vasco; MBA Columbia University; PhD University of California at Berkeley

Professor Rubio´s research interest focuses on the field of asset pricing with special interest on empirical models, both in the time series and the cross-section. Part of his research emphasis the uncertainty embedded in stock prices as a powerful indicator of future real activity, and the relevance of mixed-frequency data to analyze the macroeconomic determinants of betas and corporate bonds volatility. Moreover, in recent years he has become interested on the determinants of the cross-sectional variation of volatility risk premia, and on the pricing segmentation between equity returns and volatility. His latest research deals with the factor structure of time-varying expected returns, the connectedness between risk-neutral volatilities of equity and Treasury Bond returns, and the relation between guarantee requirements of central counterparty institutions and bad econmic times. He teaches Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing, Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, and Macro-Finance Asset Pricing Models. He has taught at the University of California at Berkeley, Universidad del País Vasco, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (BGSE), and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.